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Carlos Santana : « Success requires honesty ! »

Interview of Carlos Santana, collected by phone on the eve of his concert in Rabat, at the Mawazine Festivaln in May 2010, & before translation in French for the late Actuel Maroc Magazine…

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Carlos Santana, world music icon,  guitar hero, granted a huge performance to 10.000+ fans on May 28th 2010, at Mawazine festival. A great opportunity for Actuel Magazine to meet this legendary musician.

Actuel : People often assimilate World music to Fusion & vice versa. Do these labels make sense to you ? 

– Carlos Santana : «  Fusion is confusion »  !!!  Sticking labels on musical trends or genres is totally irrelevant and pointless. For me, labels simply don’t exist. Artists aren’t concerned by them. Even if human beings often rely on them, they make sense only to marketing people who can’t help segmenting everything, definitely not to musicians.

Actuel :Since your early days, you’ve been mixing & combining various musical styles. Then you started engaging in numerous & various collaborations with younger artists since the 90s. Why this evolution in your musical agenda ?

– Carlos Santana : The plan was simple :…

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