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Allo! Speak English? You’re interviewing Carlos Santana in 24 hours…

In 2010, as a musician fluent in English, ÆRA’s founder was hired in urgency to interview Carlos Santana 24 hours later, on the eve of his concert in Rabat, at the Mawazine Festival.

Here’s the quite amusing story leading to this adventure undergone with no journalistic experience whatsoever, but a presentation of Korean Cinema written 6 motn before, also for the late Actuel Maroc Magazine…

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When I fell asleep that Tues… Err… That Wednesday morning, around 7 or 8 a.m, as trashed as a graduate mature drunkard, I had absolutely no idea that 3 hours later only, I’d have forgotten all about sleep. During those years, boozing was still a large part of my writing. Pretty much just like coozing, if I may say….

About 10:30 a.m., the screaming phone ring pulled me more promptly than I’d have cared for from a toxic sleep. Its mission completed, the ring stopped & dropped me just as suddenly into one of these swamps of a hang-over.

– “Ubub? Here’s my boss”  As far as I could tell, this was the voice of my ex-employer’s novelist/journalist wife. She handed me to her Dick of a boss:

– “Allo! Tu parles Anglais? Tu interviewes Carlos Santana au téléphone demain à midi ! (Allo! You speak English?… You’re interviewing Carlos Santana…

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